[Halo Project WIP] Aim Assist + Bullet Magnetism

Work In Progress / 29 October 2019

Aim assist and bullet magnetism! 🧲
The white crosshair shows the 'corrected' path your bullets will take, and the different shaded circles represent regions where your aim speed is slowed to make it easier to come to rest on enemies mid-firefight!
Honestly credit for this concept has gotta go to the original guys at 343 / Halo. The fascinating breakdown of Halo 5's aim assist they did in 'The Sprint' helped so much in replicating the mechanic. Check it out (time stamp included) > https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WVQ4Bp7vlwc&feature=youtu.be&t=158 

[Halo Project WIP] Pathfinding + AI Combat

Work In Progress / 23 October 2019

Aside from that one guy on blue team that naded his teammate towards the end there I'd say my AI experiments have turned out pretty successful so far! Something really magical about seeing my little Spartans come to life! ✨

[Halo Project WIP] Grenade Jumping Demo

Work In Progress / 11 October 2019

💥dO yoU EvEN GreNAde JuMP BRo?💥

NOW we're getting close to that quality Halo sandbox content 😤👌 Man I can't even begin to tell you how much I missed working on this little prototype haha - more to come! 😁

[FF Project WIP] Cloud Movement Prototype

Work In Progress / 03 September 2019


As promised I got Cloud into Unity for some quick movement prototyping! Just look at that hair bounce 🤩 Feels pretty fun so far -- double jumping + a simple sword combo are next on the agenda!

[Halo Project WIP] Frag Grenade Demo

Work In Progress / 12 August 2019

Finally got around to implementing grenades into the pixel Halo prototype! I swear I've spent more time just playing around rather than working ever since I got them in hahaha 😅

Also a bonus little breakdown of the nade fx! Crazy how many individual sprites / particle systems go into making just ONE explosion!

[Halo Project WIP] Mongoose Vehicle Testing

Work In Progress / 15 July 2019


Still a LOT of work left on the vehicle physics + getting the suspension working properly before Chief can get onboard but I wanted to show a quick peek at how things are going so far!

[Halo Project WIP] Battle-Rifle Gameplay

Work In Progress / 30 June 2019

PEW PEW - Halo project update! Improvements to all weapon FX as well as adding in burst mode capability for our new Battle-Rifle! Lots more exciting stuff in the works - just wanted to post a quick update because the BR is SO SATISFYING to play with! 🤩

[Halo Project WIP] Energy Shields / Health Shader Breakdown

Making Of / 12 June 2019

Quick breakdown of the shield shader!
🔸 Panning noise + dithered transparency
🔸 Vert. offset for expansion
🔸 Vert. offset multiplied w/ above panning noise for wobble
🔸 Colour tint multiplied over fresnel emission

Some things to note!
🔸Make a 2nd UV set with your UVs laid out top>bottom so your noise will pan / flow in that direction!
🔸Smooth your normals + keep UV seams connected to stop your mesh breaking apart with the vert. offset

[Halo Project WIP] Energy Shields / Health FX

Work In Progress / 10 June 2019

Keeping the Halo hype going - I've spent the last couple days working on a whole assortment of particles, shaders and other FX for Chief's energy shield / health systems! I'll post a closer look at some of the particles later! ☕️✨

[Halo Project WIP] M274 'Mongoose' Wireframe

Work In Progress / 27 May 2019

I don't usually post base wireframes but I'm too proud of how this came out not to share! Gonna be a lot of fun to play with vehicle physics in Unity - just give me like 100 years to UV and texture all those individual parts first 😅