[Unity Project WIP] Strafe Animations v2

Work In Progress / 04 February 2019

The Chief animation saga continues! Left / right strafe cycles are actually the biggest pain in the ass but I think we're slowly getting there! Also some improvements to the timing of the forward cycle that make it look much better!

[Unity Project WIP] Run Forward Animation v2

Work In Progress / 26 January 2019

Spent Saturday getting started on some brand new animation cycles for Chief! First up a more weighty, grounded forward run! Still some weirdness here and there but it's a solid improvement for one day's work! Hope you guys like! 😁

[Unity Project WIP] Muzzle Flash / Energy Shields

Work In Progress / 21 January 2019

Working on new animations + movement right now but here's some WIP shots of our AR muzzle flash and energy shields! Coding the health/shield system really made me appreciate the surprising amount of depth behind Halo's mechanics 😅

[Unity Project WIP] Feet IK Elevation / Weapon Pickup

Work In Progress / 09 January 2019

Been super busy with contract work lately but here are some new additions to my little Halo project (that I've completely re-coded 3 times now 😅)

✅ Feet raise/lower based off elevation

✅ Weapon swapping to/from ground

✅ Xbox controller support

[Unity Project WIP] Weapon Switching / Aiming / Ragdoll

Work In Progress / 15 December 2018

It's been a while since I've shown progress of Chiefy so here's an update!
✅ Weapon switching + unique ammo + reloading (anims WIP)

✅ Aiming up / down based on camera direction (camera tilt coming soon)

✅ Ragdoll upon death + spawn points implemented

[Unity Project WIP] Master Chief - Character Controller

Work In Progress / 05 November 2018

UPDATE! Here are some new changes to Chief's character controller! Still lots to do! 😅

✅Move in camera dir.

✅Smoother transitions

✅Variable move speed per anim.

✅Free orbit w/ holding ALT or in idle

✅Right-click ADS (WIP)

✅Camera pos. offset

[Unity Project WIP] Master Chief - Animation Blending

Work In Progress / 28 October 2018

Spent my Sunday evening polishing off the rest of Chief's movement animations and putting together some anim. blend trees + a basic character controller in Unity! Still lots to add but it's getting there! 😁✨

[Unity Project WIP] Master Chief - Run Forward Anim.

Work In Progress / 22 October 2018

He smol 

He squat

But most importantly

He run on the spot

WIP animation no. 1 for a small Unity demo I'm making with the Chief! I don't have much free time these days in between contract stuff but I'll hopefully have more to show soon! 😄

3D Pixel-Art Character (WIP 4)

Work In Progress / 11 January 2018

Our boy is 100% UV'd and ready for texturing! Ended up with a 128x64px texture for the body and a 128x128px spritesheet for animated facial expressions! I've got some other jobs to finish before I can finish this guy off but I'm excited! ALSO HE BLINKS!

3D Pixel-Art Character (WIP 3)

Work In Progress / 08 January 2018

Just a quick lil update to this guy! Been doing work on the topology for clean deformation when I animate him + going through a few different concepts and I'm feeling pretty happy with this fantasy boy design!