Snap Verts To Grid MEL plugin for Maya!

I made a plugin for Maya that snaps all selected verts to the grid (a feature surprisingly missing from Maya)! When I make my lowpoly pixel art models, having the mesh perfectly aligned to the grid is how I achieve my pixel-perfect UVs, so this tool should come in handy!

You can download it for free on my Store page here on ArtStation if you like:


[Unnamed Project WIP] Tank Firing!

Pixel tank opens fire on you, WHAT DO YOU DO??
A. return fire - no mercy 💥
B. hug him cos he's still a cute lil guy 🥰


[Unnamed Project WIP] Tank Movement + Animations

Many people on Twitter commented on how 'cute' our tank friend was, so I wanted to ensure its animations matched! Plenty of rumbles, leans, and hops to give it personality! 😄


[Unnamed Project WIP] Pixel Tank

A revamp from a project I started a little while ago, now back in full production! 👀


Lucifer Rig

Here's Lucy's rig in Maya! 🖤


Digitan Rig

Just another simple rig setup for Digitan since I only needed the one anim, but doing tail movement is always such a hack lol. Just select each controller down the hierarchy and manipulate their rotations all at once = PROFIT 👌


[ Unity Tip ] Matching Move Speed to Animation Playback

These guys are both moving at the same velocity BUT with differing anim speeds. Finding a balance of these two values is a tiny thing that can make a big impact on how polished your player feels to control. Don't be afraid to adjust your animator speed!! ⏩

More discussion on this on Twitter:


Pre-planning poly-perfect pixel UVs

(nice alliteration in that title hehe :D)

Aesthetically pleasing poly-perfect-pixel UVs for your viewing pleasure 🍷

Deciding where geometry should be grid-locked and have curves implied in the *texture* VS making *curved* geometry with *straight* pixels running along it is an tricky thing to figure out sometimes! 📐


Kitsune Girl Rig

This was my first time animating in well over a year, so I was VERY rusty 😅 That said, my new character rig helped a lot! A big thing that worked with this new style too was opting for separated limbs instead of deformed topology (because I refuse to have pixel stretch lol) 🦊


[Unnamed Project WIP] Projectile Ricochet Stress Testing

Pretty proud of my projectile ricochet system! 💥No physics involved (unless you count a single-shot raycast to calc. Vector3.Reflect), so no FPS-reliant collider penetration. Any number, any speed, perfectly calculated wall bounces every time!