[Halo Project WIP] Reactive Aim IK

Work In Progress / 14 December 2020

I don't know who this trooper is but he just showed up and started explaining features to me I already knew about (I made them...?) He's right though, it's important your weapon visually points at what you're actually aiming at! 

[Halo Project WIP] Aiming Animation Set

Work In Progress / 05 December 2020

Game dev is making 20+ animations just for a single jump blend tree 😅
... and I'm not even done yet lmao

[Halo Project WIP] IK Foot Placement

Work In Progress / 22 November 2020

Woah there cowboy 🤠

Quick little test of some dynamic IK foot placement for our trooper! (using FinalIK)!

[Halo Project WIP] Controller Slide And Glide

Work In Progress / 15 November 2020

In my never-ending quest to create the perfect character controller, I spent the weekend polishing our trooper's movement code / anims. Quick stops, slides, and a new roll! Feeling much tighter now but still lots of work to do 😅

[Halo Project WIP] ODST Character Controller

Work In Progress / 08 November 2020

I've shown plenty of model and animation previews so far, but now it's time to DEVELOP A FKN VIDEO GAME. Get ready to drop feet first into hell, troopers 🔥

[Halo Project WIP] Roll / Quick Stop Animations

Work In Progress / 26 October 2020

Helljumper rolling back into duty! 🔥

Ricocheting Tank Shots

Work In Progress / 27 September 2020

Our GameBoy-styled tank friend has returned, now mobile and ready to shmup its way through some dungeon adventures! Just need something other than walls to shoot at now 🤔

GameBoy-Styled Tank

Work In Progress / 20 September 2020

Babby GameBoy tank goes brrr brrr 💚

GameBoy-Styled Scene Test

Work In Progress / 20 September 2020
Doodled up a lil 'GameBoy aesthetic' scene after work today! Think I've got an idea for something cool - this seems like a pretty decent proof of concept so far at least 👀🤔

[Halo Project WIP] Controller / Camera Testbed using Cloud Prototype

Work In Progress / 28 August 2020

Always useful to have Unity projects lying around - I've been using my old Cloud movement prototype as a testbed for my ODST controller / camera while I'm doing the anims. Just a matter of asset swapping and some cleanup! A taste of what's to come! 😬