[Halo Project WIP] Spartan Model / Texture Redux

Work In Progress / 25 May 2020

After doing some vis-dev on the enviro, our Spartan boi needed a bit of an revamp to his model and textures to blend in more with the developing scenery. Less details and noise, better definition of shapes, cleaner palette - SO much better! 👌

[Halo Project WIP] Greybox Expansion

Work In Progress / 27 April 2020

Just a lil bird's eye view of the expanded greybox for my Halo project! Really trying to throw my own spin on the Valhalla/Ragnarok layout in a more enclosed space! Next is gonna be jumping into doing the art for it! 🌲⛰️ 

[Halo Project WIP] Weapon Swapping Demo

Work In Progress / 20 April 2020

By popular demand backpack weapon swapping has been implemented! Thanks for the feedback guys! What're some other things you're curious about seeing in the project? 🤔

(also the game is CLEARLY esports / MLG ready 👀)

[Halo Project WIP] Backpack Weapon Test

Work In Progress / 18 April 2020

Early on I thought I'd limit players to holding just one weapon (partially for my sanity code-wise but also to not obscure the back details) but after throwing a BR on Chief's back here I'm kinda digging how chonky it makes you feel? What d'you guys think?

[Halo Project WIP] Bullet Ricocheting

Work In Progress / 30 March 2020

A small experiment with Vector3.Reflect that turned into a full fledged feature while I was refactoring my weapon fire scripts - bullet ricocheting! Better watch your head! ↗️↘️↗️💥

[Halo Project WIP] Map Greybox

Work In Progress / 02 February 2020

Heard you folks like greybox WIPs 👀⛰️🌲 

[Halo Project WIP] AI Test Battle

Work In Progress / 20 January 2020

Seems like our AI Spartans are enjoying their new battleground! 💥

[Halo Project WIP] Structure Blockout

Work In Progress / 19 January 2020

Starting to greybox an environment in Unity, starting with this large *cough* Forerunner *cough* structure! Bless ProBuilder and ProGrids though for real 😩🙌 Any keen eyed Halo fans recognise what map this is from? 👀

Season's Greetings 2019

General / 26 December 2019

Season's Greetings from me and Chief! 🎄❄️

Hope everyone had a great Xmas and spent some quality time with family/friends (and also got some non-exploded presents 😅) Take care and enjoy the festive break! 💙

[Halo Project WIP] Flood Boid / Flocking AI Demo

Work In Progress / 26 November 2019

In my attempt to learn more about boids / flocking AIs, I've been experimenting with our little flood friends and it's pretty sick! Combining cohesion, avoidance and alignment rules to the AI produces some pretty convincing results! So fun to watch!