[Unnamed Project WIP] Projectile Ricochet Stress Testing

Pretty proud of my projectile ricochet system! 💥No physics involved (unless you count a single-shot raycast to calc. Vector3.Reflect), so no FPS-reliant collider penetration. Any number, any speed, perfectly calculated wall bounces every time!

[Unnamed Project WIP] Occlusion Rendering Effects

Experimenting with Unity's custom renderer pipeline to get some cool occlusion effects! Our lil tank shows up behind walls, and the tread tracks / tank shadow swap to a darker material if they pass behind shaded ground! Pretty neat! 🔍

[Unnamed Project WIP] Level Generator (p4)

Progress update on my level generator - now we've got water! Insanely efficient to make level design changes on the fly with this setup now. Gonna be ready to move onto gameplay very shortly!  👀

[Unnamed Project WIP] Level Generator (p3)

After a LOT of code refactoring and some cleaner algorithm implementation overall, I've now got a lot more control over my lvl generator! Plus procedurally generated shadow/grass edge trims! :D Happy with progress so far!

[Unnamed Project WIP] Level Generator (p2)

Bit more progress on my level generator! Now we've got thumbnail images for each chosen spawnable object, which makes tweaking the Spawn% values a LOT easier  Next will probably be adding some proc-gen edge trims / misc detail objects on top?

[Unnamed Project WIP] Level Generator (p1)

Spent the weekend learning how to make a custom inspector in Unity for my GB-palette inspired project! Floors and walls are auto-generated from a b/w image with adjustable frequencies for which objects to use. Gonna be super useful - def gonna flesh it out some more!

[Halo Project WIP] Reactive Aim IK

I don't know who this trooper is but he just showed up and started explaining features to me I already knew about (I made them...?) He's right though, it's important your weapon visually points at what you're actually aiming at! 

[Halo Project WIP] Aiming Animation Set

Game dev is making 20+ animations just for a single jump blend tree 😅
... and I'm not even done yet lmao

[Halo Project WIP] IK Foot Placement

Woah there cowboy 🤠

Quick little test of some dynamic IK foot placement for our trooper! (using FinalIK)!

[Halo Project WIP] Controller Slide And Glide

In my never-ending quest to create the perfect character controller, I spent the weekend polishing our trooper's movement code / anims. Quick stops, slides, and a new roll! Feeling much tighter now but still lots of work to do 😅