[Unity Project WIP] Energy Shields / Health FX

Work In Progress / 10 June 2019

Keeping the Halo hype going - I've spent the last couple days working on a whole assortment of particles, shaders and other FX for Chief's energy shield / health systems! I'll post a closer look at some of the particles later! ☕️✨

[Unity Project WIP] M274 'Mongoose' Wireframe

Work In Progress / 27 May 2019

I don't usually post base wireframes but I'm too proud of how this came out not to share! Gonna be a lot of fun to play with vehicle physics in Unity - just give me like 100 years to UV and texture all those individual parts first 😅

[Unity Project WIP] Elevation-Based Feet IK

Work In Progress / 11 May 2019

Chief's had some improvements to his feet IK system to allow for proper foot placement on uneven terrain! The effect blends out when running above a speed threshold to avoid excessive bumpiness when moving quickly. Groundwork built up from FinalIK!

[Unity Project WIP] Hand IK + Weapon Animation Layers

Work In Progress / 02 May 2019

Each weapon prefab has an adjustable IK object that allows the offhand to be placed uniquely per gun. Also depending on what 'type' of weapon you pick up, the animator will swap between Rifle / Pistol layers for unique weapon stances, recoil etc.!

[Unity Project WIP] Master Chief Redux

Work In Progress / 29 April 2019

Pixel-Chief has had a bit of a glow-up since I last showed him off! Big texture rework + changes to the model itself (more chunk!) 👀 Also can I just say how freaking hyped I am for MCC coming to PC holy crap - Halo hype is real rn 🙌

Here's another little GIF to show the changes to his armour texture in clearer detail! 👀🔍 

[Unity Project WIP] Strafe Animations v2

Work In Progress / 04 February 2019

The Chief animation saga continues! Left / right strafe cycles are actually the biggest pain in the ass but I think we're slowly getting there! Also some improvements to the timing of the forward cycle that make it look much better!

[Unity Project WIP] Run Forward Animation v2

Work In Progress / 26 January 2019

Spent Saturday getting started on some brand new animation cycles for Chief! First up a more weighty, grounded forward run! Still some weirdness here and there but it's a solid improvement for one day's work! Hope you guys like! 😁

[Unity Project WIP] Muzzle Flash / Energy Shields

Work In Progress / 21 January 2019

Working on new animations + movement right now but here's some WIP shots of our AR muzzle flash and energy shields! Coding the health/shield system really made me appreciate the surprising amount of depth behind Halo's mechanics 😅

[Unity Project WIP] Feet IK Elevation / Weapon Pickup

Work In Progress / 09 January 2019

Been super busy with contract work lately but here are some new additions to my little Halo project (that I've completely re-coded 3 times now 😅)

✅ Feet raise/lower based off elevation

✅ Weapon swapping to/from ground

✅ Xbox controller support

[Unity Project WIP] Weapon Switching / Aiming / Ragdoll

Work In Progress / 15 December 2018

It's been a while since I've shown progress of Chiefy so here's an update!
✅ Weapon switching + unique ammo + reloading (anims WIP)

✅ Aiming up / down based on camera direction (camera tilt coming soon)

✅ Ragdoll upon death + spawn points implemented