'Minecraft Tactics' (Mojang Art Test)
Brendan sullivan minecrafttacticsarttest 500

Single and multi-unit select was an interesting challenge I've never faced before, as well as a lot of other RTS focused mechanics (camera, resource gathering etc.) but it was cool seeing everything come together!

Brendan sullivan minecrafttacticsarttest2 500

Resource gathering is one of the main mechanics of any RTS - and what just happens to be the core gameplay of Minecraft? MINING! Therefore it was super easy to make this connection and maintain MC's game 'flavour' but in a whole new way! Chop chop chop!

Brendan sullivan minecrafttacticsarttest3 500

Experimenting with pathfinding and unit AI was a lot of fun to try out on this prototype - I learned a lot! Always make sure you watch out for those cheeky ambushes when adventuring out in the wild! 😱⚔️

'Minecraft Tactics' (Mojang Art Test)

For part of my Mojang art test I was asked to 'reimagine the look/style of Minecraft for a hypothetical new game'. Instead of just doing concepts or something boring I went a bit overboard and just fully dev'd a Minecraft RTS prototype! 😅⛏️

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