3D Pixel-Art Office Desk Scene (Commission)
Brendan sullivan officedeskscene
Brendan sullivan bulletinboard texture zoomed

Bulletin Board Texture (64x32px)

Brendan sullivan officedesk texture zoomed

Office Desk Texture (64x64)

Brendan sullivan filingcabinet bin texture zoomed

Filing Cabinet + Bin Texture (32x32px)

Brendan sullivan receptiondeskmisc texture zoomed

Reception Desk Miscellaneous Texture (32x32px)

Brendan sullivan desklamp texture zoomed

Desk Lamp Texture (16x32px)

3D Pixel-Art Office Desk Scene (Commission)

Sit down in this comfy office scene and get some work done! Really enjoying adding cute little animations to these renders - it's a lot of fun! :D

Just some more assets for Michael's game-in-dev (https://twitter.com/mjosephs194)!

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