Brendan sullivan officedeskscene
Brendan sullivan bulletinboard texture zoomed

Bulletin Board Texture (64x32px)

Brendan sullivan officedesk texture zoomed

Office Desk Texture (64x64)

Brendan sullivan filingcabinet bin texture zoomed

Filing Cabinet + Bin Texture (32x32px)

Brendan sullivan receptiondeskmisc texture zoomed

Reception Desk Miscellaneous Texture (32x32px)

Brendan sullivan desklamp texture zoomed

Desk Lamp Texture (16x32px)

3D Pixel-Art Office Desk Scene (Commission)

Sit down in this comfy office scene and get some work done! Really enjoying adding cute little animations to these renders - it's a lot of fun! :D

Just some more assets for Michael's game-in-dev (!

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